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WordPress Website migration is a daunting task because all your crucial data and business is at stake if any unforeseen technical issue crops up. There are many interrelated factors like files, databases, images, content, etc. that need to work in sync, which makes website migration a delicate process. At Regur we have a streamlined process for WordPress website migration and our WordPress experts move your website to a new host with minimal downtime to avoid any negative impact on your business or services.


We offer website migration consultation because choosing your migration service provider can be tricky. We want you to associate with service providers who you can trust with your valuable data that needs to be kept intact. After analyzing the content to be migrated we brief you with the challenges as well as solutions for the process. Over the years we have gained first-hand experience of working with multiple hosting platforms and agencies.



So we are well equipped to guide you through the most reliable platforms to choose from depending on your needs. We can help you pick the right server space, bandwidth and other additional features that will enhance the performance of your website. We carry out a thorough assessment of our client’s requirements and recommend them the best web hosting plan that suits their requirements without burning a hole in their pocket.



Legacy Code and Websites

If your website is old, it is a given that the back-end must be cluttered. Our migration team also takes a look at the old plugins or widgets that are no longer in use, media that is lying idle on the server and abandoned databases and tables that create performance issues and potential security threats. We help you clean up the unwanted space before migration so that your website is additionally faster and more secure. 


If you own an e-commerce website managing downtime and email delivery can be vital, so we plan and manage the transfer timing and process accordingly.We also help with other issues that may occur while migration like changing domain name servers, transfer of SSL certificates, load performance tests and security audits. 


We keep our process very transparent and welcome all your queries before and after the process. From the time of consultation until your website is up and running on the new server we want to make sure it is a smooth ride for you and your business.


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We keep our process very transparent and welcome all your queries before and after the process.


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