WordPress Plugin Development

Augment and enhance your website experience

We create WordPress plugins that augment, enhance and sharpen the existing capabilities of your WordPress website. Regur is your experienced partner in this space and our expert team of WordPress developers has adequate experience in developing custom WordPress plugins based on your business / website requirements. Whether you want to design a plugin from scratch or want to modify an existing one, we can help you with that.


Our services

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Our plugins are focused to simplify tasks for both you and your users and add a host of powerful features to your website. Our analysts, designers & developers first understand the design and make-up of your website, then our WordPress developers work on creating the plug-ins based on the existing requirements. Since the process is handled at two levels the plugins are tested to improve the functionality along with maintaining the harmony of your website design. 



WordPress Plugin Customization

Do you want an existing plugin to be modified to your requirements? Are you in need of functionality tailored specifically to your project?  We fulfill WordPress plugin customization services as we understand that every client has a different need and we make sure the customization is perfectly suited to your purpose.


 WordPress Plugin Installation & Configuration

Apart from development of custom WordPress plugins we also install & configure those ready-made plugins for you to ensure that they are seamlessly working with your website. We also provide plugin integration that can resolve issues related with stability. We have integrated multiple plugins for payment gateways that has widened our client’s customer base.


WordPress Plugin Upgrades

Just like everything else on your website needs upgrades we upgrade your plugins so that no compatibility issue arises in the near future. We do a careful upgrade process. We perform all plugin upgrades first on staging server and then ensure that the upgrades does not impact the website functionality or performance. If any issues are found we try to fix them or find alternative solutions. Once it is ensured that the upgrades are safe and functional we push it to a live website.


All round service

We not only provide these comprehensive services but are always available for maintenance and support whenever you are stuck or need help. If you imagine your website to be a certain way we can build a plugin to turn it into reality, giving infinite potential and boost to your website.

Stay ahead of your competition with the best WordPress Plugin Development company

We have written several plugins for WordPress websites with a diverse customer requirements.  No matter how complex or layered or responsive your website is, our team can penetrate and build the best custom plugin that you need. 


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