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With a large number of sites out there on WordPress, for what reason is it so difficult to find a reliable WordPress development company? The commoditisation of web development work has lead to de-gradation and low quality of work in the market. At Regur we provide complete end-to-end WordPress development service to take away your technical overheads and provide you high quality WordPress website. If you run a business you already have so much on your plate and having multiple contracts for multiple stages of development is only going to make it more tedious. We believe that having a single point of contact saves you time, money and resources. When you are opting for this service with us you can expect to cut the cost without slashing the quality.

Why US?


A Cohesive and Agile Team

When we talk of complete WordPress development we cover everything from Planning and Designing the UI and graphics, to creating content, developing Front end and Back ends, as well as testing the end product and launching. 



Our team practices solid internal communication, so any changes at any stage of web development can be handled more swiftly. We have a dedicated project manager that is always available to hear you out, assist you and keep you updated about the development process. 


Since we start from planning and end at testing it is easy to tweak things in between as we are part of the entire process. We also provide full maintenance services so you can depend on us, in the long run, to take care of your website.

Mindful Planning

To develop a website in WordPress we follow the approach called Discover, Design, Develop and Deploy. At the first stage, we discuss the challenges and expectations of the project with you. Our expert web designers & web developers start thinking about how the website will be organized and accessed by users. Once this information architecture is completed we move on to the actual designing phase.


Careful Execution

Our design is both user and administrator centered, so it is easily navigable for your visitors and equally manageable for your administrator. Needless to say, we work on every standard component of the design and development with a futuristic approach. 


At the deployment stage, we check the functionality of the website on various platforms so it may deliver the best output without lagging. With a quality and processing check at every stage, we make sure that your website is error-proof in the end. 


Down the line, all we aspire that our custom WordPress development service is delivering you a website that is exactly what you have envisioned so that you do not have to compromise on any aspect or detail.


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