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They say ‘Never judge a book based on its cover’, but a potential client will definitely judge your business based on your website. Why not have a website that is well crafted and functional but also speaks to your customers or audience in a way that leads them to action? We do realize that our clients are investing their time, resources, money and trust. So we keep it in our mind that it is our responsibility to create something that increases the quality of your business or organization. Regur is determined to deliver meaningful and measurable results.

Lest's Make Your Website a Success

Our process

Step 1 - Understanding

Step 1 – Understand

We begin with understanding your business and audience so that your website is a reflection of your vision. Understanding what you do and where you want to be will help us tailor a website that is personalized and target-oriented. We do solid research as to what approach will work best for your business and leave no room for guesswork.

Step 2 – Brainstorm & Design

Once the concept is laid we gear up with our team to work on the framework and design. The approach is to be fast, clean and visually jaw-dropping. We will work alongside you to handpick what your website will look like so that it keeps the visitors engaged. We ensure that the navigation is neither complicated nor confusing. Our designs are responsive and engaging to ensure your viewers do not lose interest, incorporating call-to-action on pages to spark potential conversations.

Step 2 - Brainstorm & Design
Step 3 - Code & Review

Step 3 – Code & Review

Then comes development, where we put everything together. We leave no room for loopholes. From writing HTML/CSS to creating databases and setting up CMS. We always test our projects at each step by constantly tracking the content, links, and multimedia. Cross-checking compatibility with all major browsers so that your website performs equally well despite the platform. With our internal checklist and your feedback, we fix all missing ends.

Step 4 – Launch & Monitor

Also we realize how crucial communication is, our team is dedicated to listening and understanding all your needs and to keep you informed. Our role doesn’t end here. Once the website is up and running our team is there to make sure your website is smooth sailing for you and your customers in the long run. We are always willing to improve the pages and turn the under-performing sections around.

Step 4 – Launch & Monitor

Our Services

Custom Creative Designing

We like to strike a harmony between smart design and innovative technology.

HTML/CSS Development

Pixel Perfect HTML & CSS for your website

UI/UX Design

We make it a priority to level-up your UI/UX game.


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