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Experience a dignified quality with Regur as we are counted as one of the best in the website application development segment. Our web applications are defined by their versatility and intuitive designs. We hustle to offer faster application development with a reduction of production and maintenance cost, to fit both your timeline and budget.


Having a web application unleashes a whole new stream of possibilities for your business in terms of design, aesthetics, usability, reach and value. With a custom developed web application, you can have better branding and build a direct communication channel between potential customers and your organization and its processes.


You will find more opportunities to sell your products and services through them. Web applications are easier to maintain and work great on all operating systems and browsers, reduce overall business costs and are quick and easy to update. Users prefer them too because there is no need for complex installation and updates. 


They are highly scalable and modular making them ideal for a business that wants to pursue rapid and long term growth. All in all, if you want to have a competitive edge in your business stream, solve very specific business problems, boost communication and increase revenue, we highly recommend considering a shift to custom web applications.

Our Process


Before we even come close to the process of web application development we find the answers of Why, When and What concerning the purpose of the proposed application, your business, and the market competition. Our strategy is to develop a web app that fulfills your business requirements and contributes directly to your growth, by standing out in terms of design and functionality from other applications in the same industry. Our team is directly involved with your company in the planning phase to understand the consumer base to make the product a maximum profitable venture.

Our research phase is even more rigorous. In this stage, we break down complex objectives into manageable tasks and identify each different feature and module. We classify all the tasks, list the development requirements, come up with a realistic timeline and cost estimation. Once the wireframes and sitemaps are ready our team of skilled designers breathe life into it by developing the UI/UX. All graphics, logo, color, typography, buttons, and menus are designed to make sure your application is aesthetically alluring to your audience. Many pieces of research show that application design plays a psych role in the consumer’s decision of web application usage. So we ensure that you have monumental leverage over your competitors in this aspect.


Our team of developers has a knack for working simultaneously on the frontend and backend of the web application. We convert all the designs into HTML/CSS and add some sophisticated functionalities to create a presentable client side. Our server-side includes applications, databases and everything that works under the hood. Before deploying it to the server our web app goes through meticulous testing to ensure there are no bugs or minor issues. We understand that web application needs are ever-changing, so you can count on us to add extra features even after your launch. Our web applications are browser friendly and give superior experience than a dedicated desktop or mobile application without the commitment of frequently updating. Accelerate and improve your business, raise operational efficiency, boost returns and gain a competitive advantage with our web applications.

Our Services

Order Management System

Business must have an efficient and flexible Order Management System that can keep up with customer satisfaction along with modern buyer expectations and competition

Customer Relationship Management

We build CRM systems to simplify and streamline the consumer and workflow of your business


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