The Brief

Our client wanted us to create an interactive slotmachine game for the TodoPapás ​​Loves Madrid event. The game aimed at engaging visitors and creating awareness amongst them about our client's business and their services.

Project Challenge

The game had to be extendable in context so that the usage of the slotmachine game can be extended to include other types of services, prizes etc. Also, the winning probability of the slot machine could be set.

Project Result

The result was an extendable slotmachine game with random combination of clues appearing. This allowed the participants to view and guess which one of our client's service offerings was depicted. The participant could then go on to win different prizes based on the service they guessed. The slotmachine game automatically opened in full screen allowing our client to properly showcase the game to the visitors at TodoPapás ​​Loves Madrid event.

Tools & Technologies

Services Used

Web Development, Support and Maintenance


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