The Brief

Axiome Labs, who worked extensively in the area of social media monitoring and data analysis of social networks and other online sources wanted us to design and develop a landing page to showcase the unique features of Percepto, a platform to collect and extract data related to human perception that is relevant for a specific geographic context.

Project Challenge

The client wanted us to create a landing page which is fully editable and highlights Percepto's features through engaging animations and interactions. The user experience had to be novel while logically introducing the platform Percepto to the end user on all kind of devices. This presented the challenge of creating a landing page which appeared simple but required a complex development process.

Project Result

The result was a simple, yet engaging landing page which presented contextual information about Precepto in an innovative way. The requirement to focus on each of Precepto's unique features created the opportunity to conceptualize and develop context specific interactions, video backgrounds that translate well on all types of devices, asymmetric user interface layouts and the accessibility to further information. All the information on the landing page is fully customization while retaining the novel user interface and interactions. Also, the landing page works seamlessly on all devices - desktops, laptops or mobile devices.

Tools & Technologies

Services Used

Web Development, Designing, Support and Maintenance


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