The Brief

Pinlocal project started as a very simple and small B2C platform in 2011 to connect the consumers in UK to the service providers near their area in various verticals. They started initially in the removals niche where consumers and service providers where connected via the Pinlocal platform. The initial Minimum Viable Product (MVP) quickly grew into a highly complex and sophisticated platform as the platform gained traction and become popular amongst consumers and service providers and the business expanded to new verticals.

Project Challenge

The system has been evolving ever since it's inception, so the biggest challenge was to develop a system that is technically robust, scalable, extendeable and bug free. The system required to automate its lead gathering from various sources and channels and allocate them to various service providers based on number of criterias. The product owners wanted the automation of the process but at the same time have complete control over how the system works and does the allocation. Automation of lead collection, lead quality check, Easy expansion into other verticals in future, CRM, Invoicing, Integration with external Systems and Reporting was critical to the success of the PinLocal business.

Project Result

We developed a bespoke system for PinLocal by working closely with them. We understood their core business models and future plans and built a system which not only full-filled the present needs but was perfectly tuned for future growth. The system successfully addressed all the requirements making PinLocal a succesful startup and is helping it grow everyday. The system is built moduler with best practices implemented to make it flexible, extendable and robust.

Tools & Technologies

Services Used

Web development, Front End Development, Project Planning, UX/UI Design, Testing


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