Customer Relationship Management

CRM tools to keep track of all your leads and manage your customer information in one place

If your business has crossed the threshold where you have complexly interlinked contact with your customers then manually working on the data is not only time and resource-consuming, but impractical after a point. Ready-made CRM’s have too many additional functions and fields, improper UX/UI design and do not stand out, which defeats every single purpose of why you need it in the first place.

Our Process


We build CRM systems to simplify and streamline the consumer and workflow of your business. Our customized solution effectively manages your relationships with existing customers and also improves coordination within the workplace amongst your employees. Our team develops all the necessary tools of CRM system such as workflow management, easy statistics generation, user roles and permissions settings, through which you can track and optimize all the stages of building relationships with your customers. These custom developed CRM systems will help your business increase the number of customers and drive direct sales. With our full-fledged CRM system, you can take care of the everyday client interactions and focus on the strategic goals of your future business development.

We form a special team for CRM system development depending on your domain. Our specialists of research, design, development, marketing, sales and customer relations come together and evaluate the project from each aspect to make it bulletproof in all areas. The core of every project is- Why do you want a new CRM system for your business? Is it to monitor each client relationship, to improve the quality of management information reporting, to develop a more efficient business processes, to increase lead generation or improve account retention and service delivery? Based on this we attempt to tackle all your CRM goals in multiple stages rather than a single big-bang implementation. We then map out the whole process to increase efficiency and save time by removing duplication of process.


Once all the data is ready our designers and developers take the main seat to build a system that is completely operational, analytical and strategic. These systems are fully functional on the operating systems your business and employees use and are fully tested for risks and security. Regur walks an extra mile and provide staff training to acclimatize your employees with the new CRM system. Even after deployment and integration we are one mail or call away for any service, support and improvement you may need in the future.


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