Which web development agency you should hire-“All-in-one or Specialized agency”?

Are you looking to hire an agency for your web development projects?

In today’s world, while there are business rising in every corner of the world, they need to be managed through every platform in order to more and more people around the world know about their presence.Businesses, now-a-days, do there best to get through the boundaries reaching their customers and to be step ahead of their competition.

To stand out in the market, businesses use different platform and ways  to get more exposure. These may include inbound, outbound marketing platforms.

Let’s get in the depth of this. Inbound marketing, specifically include content marketing, blogs, events, SEO, websites, Mobile apps, social media and more. For getting the best results out of the marketing activities, the business managers might get this done either in-house i.e; by hiring any in-house resources/employee specialized in these tasks or he may hire some expert agency in this field.

Should your company be doing its branding work in house? Or should you hire an external agency to do the work for you? This decision can be one of the most important strategic decisions a marketing leader will make.

Another important decision that  businesses should take is which agency should they hire? Agencies differ in their skill set, nature of work and also in their expertise.Choosing the right to represent your business is an important step in taking your brand to the next level.

Choice of Agency-

Agencies also differ in their portfolio of services. For eg. An all-in-one agency with a diverse portfolio including Web design and development , SEO, Digital marketing, Content writing, PPC  advertising etc. or a Specialized agency with its expertise in specific area like just Web development and designing, or just digital marketing etc.

Before hiring an agency for your business, you must keep in mind, what-

  • Would be the consequences/outcomes?
  • Benefit can your business avail?
  • Is the difference in the benefits between hiring an all-in-one or a specialized agency?

First, let us point out some of the benefits of hiring a specialized agency for your business-

1. Broader skill set

The primary reason that businesses choose a specialized agency is that they get an entire team of specialized, experienced professionals working on their project for significantly less than it would cost to work with an all-in-one agency and they often specialize in a particular field and focus on it. Because of this you can assure that the right talent is handling your web development project.

Partnering with such an agency brings those skills and more to the table without any additional investment.

2. Cost-effective rates

Specialized agencies set their rates, which are often reasonable. They base it on the type of tasks you give them and on the project’s length. They have no overhead costs to consider when naming their prices. The cost may be higher in an agency with a larger portfolio because of the diverse resources , higher demands etc.

It allows you to take advantage of having lower-cost  help full-time, while also gaining the flexibility and skill diversification.

3. Depth of experience

Not only are there more people with different skill sets within a specialized agency, but also those people generally have a greater depth of experience. Agency professionals are typically specialists in a particular area. These agencies devote resources to educating employees and keeping them on the cutting edge of their respective discipline. Additionally, the team environment within an agency fosters continual learning and growth.

4. Involvement in creative process

Since you can directly communicate with a specialist in the agency, you can be involved in the whole process and this will lessen future problems and unsatisfying results. If anything is unclear, the agency can ask you questions and you can answer right away.

5. Depth of understanding

Specialized agency have in-depth understanding of the project requirements as they are always focused on the specialization. The agency are immersed in their specialized field all day, so they will likely have better knowledge in their particular field of expertise compared to an All-in-one agency.

6. Dedicated team

This one is simple. A specialized team would always work, with dedication, on your projects with all their knowledge . However, even after the completion of the projects the same team of experts would be there to help you in the maintenance of your project, for a predefined period, in a long run so that their won’t be any conflicts/interruption that may otherwise occur if the project is handed over to another team.

7. Lower commitment

A specialized agency have lower commitments as the team is not working on irrelevant projects and works only on the projects that they master. They pick up projects relevant to their specific skill set/ service portfolios and hence they have greater depth of knowledge & expertise. Quantity of projects could be big/small.

Business can be assured that their project will be completed by right people, at a right time and with a most appropriate web development  solution.

An all-in-one agency might have number of projects in hand and might cause delays or time lags.

8. Productivity

When you partner with a specialized agency, 100% of your investment goes toward the production of deliverable. Managing multiple accounts means that agencies have a proven process in place that makes it possible for them to produce high-quality work that meets both deadlines and budgets.

9. Stability

Within a specialized agency the chances of employee turnover is lesser that a bigger agency as they always strive to train their employees keeping in view their specialized field of expertise. So this has a great impact on the completion of your projects without any interruption.

In an agency specialized in a particular portfolio, the hiring process is also kept specialized in order to hire some specific brilliant technical/logical minds specialized in that particular service portfolio.

10. Scalability

The expertise of the team specialized in their field of knowledge leads to a range capabilities of the team to provide the most desired web development solutions. They go through different aspects of the requirements and come up with a most accurate/appropriate solution to tackle the problem.

11. Creativity & Objectivity

One of the greatest advantages that collaborating with a specialized agency can offer is their creativity and objectivity. Keeping all marketing efforts in-house can sometimes lead to group think and tunnel-vision. A specialized agency isn’t influenced by any internal biases or assumed knowledge, so it’s easier to distill a clear message to the target audience.

Agency with all-in-one portfolio often have such an in-depth knowledge that they try to say too much.The core message is lost on the audience.

An unbiased perspective can help sift through all of the unnecessary information, while remaining grounded enough to communicate clearly to the outside world.They also can also bring their live experience dealing with other clients and similar scenarios to get their objective on point.

We at Regur Technology Solutions, have specialized service portfolio and a team of skilled developers and designer with expertise in the field of web development. We strive to work with a clear objects, implementing creative ideas and have reasonably priced. Our services are completely focused on productivity and we have flexibility and stability as strength of our business.

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