Selecting a Good Domain Name – An Ultimate Guide

Which is the weirdest domain name that you have heard of till now.? A bit difficult to think right.?

In this competitive era, there is no place for you on the Internet, if you make even a single mistake in representing yourself online. You had difficulty in remembering the most weird domain name that you have heard of, because if it is weird there are less chances that it may have come to you ears. This is because brands always take care while selecting their domain name. As generally said, a domain name is as important as your company’s name..!


Selecting a good domain name is actually a hassle but the following guide will help you get the best domain name with least efforts and you’ll be sure that you do not make any mistake.

On a broader scale there are two ways for selecting a good domain name:

1. Selecting a good domain according to brand name of your company

This is one of the methods that most of the people go for. This is because when you want to represent your company online, it is necessary that you carry on the same name online as well. There are a few things that you need to take care of while registering a domain name.

If your company’s name is too big, avoid registering a full name, you can cut short the name and then can go for registration. Never ever think of taking a domain name with Pvt. Ltd or LLP or any such things after your company’s name. This may create difficulty for your users to remember and spell the domain name.

The most important thing you need to take care is to avoid the hyphen, numeric characters or any type of special characters into the domain name. Suppose your domain name is and there exists a site called, there are more chances that your organic traffic may be diverted to and you may loose a huge number of visitors.

Having a domain name same as your brand name is important but to generate a huge traffic you may select a domain which is SEO friendly.

2. Selecting a good domain that is SEO friendly

The major purpose of registering SEO friendly domain names is to generate huge amount of organic traffic. Below mentioned are the points that will help you purchase the best possible SEO friendly domain names.

Selecting a good domain #1: Easy to spell and remember

What if I ask you to visit a#b-#fjf!, you might haven’t read the full domain name, right.? The same could be possible in your case if you select a domain name which is not easy to read and spell. If your visitors do not remember your domain name, they are too lazy to bookmark it or to save it somewhere else.!

So be careful that you select a domain name that is readable and easy to remember. This brings in the aspect of the target audience for your website. If you are planning a site for the USA and you register a domain name with some Hindi (National language of India) words in it, for sure your visitors will face difficulty remembering them.

Selecting a good domain #2: Focus on the keywords

This creates a major impact on your domain name and its direct amplified effect could be seen on the organic traffic that is diverted to your site. Let say you are website developer in Ahmedabad (name of a city in Gujarat, India), a domain name like will for sure make you rank high on search engines when a user fires this search query.

You can study and research on more such keywords that are more searched on search engines. For this, the trusted tools like Google Keyword Planner could be used to find out proper keywords.

Selecting a good domain #3: Find a domain name similar to a big brand

This is something tricky and risky but good to try once. You can find out a big brand’s name in the domain you function and find out a domain name similar to their website. This will help you generate a good traffic over your website and will also help build trust with the users but see to it that you give your best services or products to them.

Selecting a good domain #4: Search for expired domains

There are thousands of domains expiring daily and few of them just expire because the owner forgets to renew. There are a lot of domains that get expired but has high DA (Domain Authority). These means that there are a lot of backlinks generated for this particular domain on reputed websites.

So as soon as you put some good content over it, there are huge probabilities that you start getting a good amount of organic traffic on your site. This will reduce the burden of yours on SEO and link building.

Selecting a good domain #5: What it means in other languages

This is the stage wherein most of the people makes a mistake. You need to see to it, what does your domain name mean in other languages. It may seem to be a perfect one in your language and may be pointing towards some cuss word in your visitor’s language. So do take care and make sure to check it with all the languages that belong to your targeted crowd.

This is how you can get a set of domains for yourself. The first method described was selecting the same domain name as your brand name and the second method discussed above was to select an SEO friendly domain name. For more such posts follow us on Facebook. ?