Is it safe to outsource web development projects to India?

Is it safe to outsource web development project to India?

To Outsource web development projects or IT projects to India is not easy. The more advanced your project/tasks the more difficult it will be to succeed. However, India proves to be the most mature market for the business process outsourcing, web development or any other IT projects, having set cornerstones in the history of outsourcing. According to CBRE survey, more than 75 percent of the multinationals consider India as preferred market for  IT outsourcing.

If you are creating a new website or redesigning an existing one, most small business owners, startups, local creative agencies and even many well established business and fortune 500 companies outsource web development projects to India because of price, but there are definitely some challenges in doing so. Let’s go through some main challenges prevalent in IT outsourcing to India  right now:


Many adverse conditions, from rising prices to failing infrastructure to employee turnover, have made it difficult to outsource web development projects to India and because of these reasons, outsourcing IT projects/tasks to India is , somewhat, considered risky.

1. Communication

Communicating to the client and then having to translate the web development project requirements to the Indian programmers and back and forth, sometimes, may be a risky task.

2. Political instability

It is a fact that India is not as politically stable as many other countries while having a greater impact on business process, laws, regulations, that affects business.

3. Risks to confidential data and personal data

The world may becoming a global village but laws that protect privacy and personal information are locally based.  If you come across an unauthorized company or in case of taking a hasty decision about the company to outsource you web development projects, once you outsource your data, you have very little control about what happens to that data.

4. Licensing and copyright issues

As in the above case, if the company to outsource the web development projects is not selected properly, there may be a risk of projects being copied and sold again to one of your competitors because this leads to serious issues with regards to licensing and copyright.

5. Lack of Quality Control

Outsourcing a project requires a great deal of trust because the quality of programming varies considerably.

6. Customer service

Pushy sales people are always a sign that something is not quite right. If in presales, Indian developers call and email persistently, refuse to accept ‘no’ for an answer and continue to speak about how great their company and developers are, then what happens in the middle of a project, when something needs to be fixed, will they listen then? Establishing a relationship, is more than – ‘we can get you a better price’ – it is about working together to achieve a common goal and this means being able to listen and provide thoughtful answers, not just sales pitch.

7. National security

 Entrusting critical systems like banking and government systems to a foreign country is considered risky.

8. Economic insecurity and fraud

Considering the above emerging issues, Is it still safe to hire a web development firm in India?

The situation in India is not as bad as many of the countries think. India has traditionally been the preferred choice for offshoring and outsourcing the web development or other IT projects.  

Here are some points that can prove the improved condition of India in the field of outsourcing businesses-

1. Strong Perception

The Indian IT industry has a strong and established customer footprint in many American, European countries. Its performance is largely dependent on the global economic factor rather than on the domestic factor.

2. Infrastructure

Infrastructure in India has room for development, however when compared to other countries with similar cost of operations, India offers better facilities on ground. India has a strong network of government recognized IT promotion bodies for the sector.

3. Communication

India ranks 3rd in Asia in English proficiency. Although English is often considered to be a  second language to the people of India, the fact is that many Indians consider it more of a first language.

4. Workforce

India is expected not only to have the largest workforce in the world with billions of English speaking people, but it is also on it’s way to becoming the country with the largest and youngest employable population in the world. These people represent a key part of the workforce in the business service market.

5. Technology

Technologies like Block chain, AI, IoT, and innovations in social, mobile, analytics and clouds (SMAC) sectors will enhance the outsourcing experience of Indian developers.
It is important for a software development company in India to have all the best technology in order to compete with its competitors and to sustain in the market while giving an assurance to the foreign company that they will get a best web service delivered with the presence of all the latest technologies.

6. Rate

Indian web development companies provide reasonable rates. Hiring a web development company from India can help in decrease the resource cost and other expenditures such as Recruitment, infrastructure cost, utility bills and salary. This can be a huge  foreign client who outsource web development projects to India.

7. Quality

There is a huge competition between software development companies in India and this competition control business as the company can sustain in market when they meet the demand of their customers. This competition have a constant pressure on the Indian companies to deliver excellent web design results.

8. Competence

The kind of competence developers have in India makes sure to provide the solution that is required, no matter what the challenges are. Be it be products, services or market content, impeccable solutions designed to suit specific business needs are available.

9. Major benefits

Many startups and also small scale companies  also outsource web development projects and other IT projects to India for various  benefits. One of them is reduction of  operational costs. Indian companies have reasonable prices for projects as per the requirements. In web development, skill-set plays an important role. When you outsource your web development, you minimize the risk of blunders. There are many new technologies in web development of which your in-house team is not aware of. When you outsource your web development, you get in touch with experts to handle those technologies. India has largest technical and professional talent pool in the world.

Most of the offshore web design and development service providers in India have teams with the right blend of qualified and skilled web developers, Quality analysts, e-commerce developers, designers, project managers and digital marketing experts, this combination assists to get customized web solutions based on your business requirements.

10. Timely delivery

Indian outsourcing companies are able to provide the quickest time-to-market due to the advantages gained by time zone differences. The 12-hour time difference between India and the USA provides companies with numerous opportunities. They complete the work earlier than the expected time leading greater efficiency, increased productivity and more time to focus on other crucial tasks.

CONCLUSION: India has maintained its position despite constant challenges from emerging destinations. According to recent Deloitte survey, 59% 0f business that were interviewed are already outsourcing to India, with an additional 22% planning to go or considering it.  All the about point together make India a better country to outsource web development projects with an assurance of high quality of product and service delivery.

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