Which Is Better PHP or ASP.NET

PHP and ASP.NET both have strong hold in the field of web development. Having a few similar features and giving out almost the same output, it has always been confusing as for which is a better one?

Clarifying one of the very popular notions that PHP and ASP.NET are languages, no they are not! PHP is a scripting language as we understand but ASP.NET is a framework, which is generally written in one of the two languages, VB Script or C#.

The selection of a programming language or a platform highly depends on the requirements, however here are the major aspects that will help you select one out of two.


1. Performance

One of the most important aspect of any website is its performance. Generally the performance capability is tested on the basis of how well are the interactions between the script, server and the database.

While going with PHP we generally get a LAMP stack that is Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. The LAMP stack ensures enhanced performance which is what we all need! Whereas, for ASP.NET the requirement is a Windows server and a MSSQL database.

With the introduction of PHP 7, the processing speed is multiplied a couple of times.

Winner: PHP

2. Scalability

An intelligent programmer will always think of scalability for any website. When it comes to scalability they both seem equally heavy on a balance scale.

Now it is up to the developer how proficient he is in developing the site in a way it can be easily enhanced.

Result: Tie

3. Cost

PHP is an open source scripting language, thus it is always free of cost. Again it is compatible with all the OSs to be worked  up on. Does not matter if you have a MAC PC, a Windows PC or a Linux PC you can easily code PHP.

However, for the ASP.NET as it is a product of Microsoft Incorporation, it is to be used with a Windows OS which is a paid product. However, with the advancement in technology there are a few bridging tools that lets you work on ASP.NET on MAC OS.

Again, for the servers Linux hosting are comparatively lower in cost as compared to the Windows hosting which is mandatory to host a ASP.NET site.

Winner: PHP

4. Frame works

PHP supports lot many frame works which makes the development job easy, fast and more efficient. Here are a few most used frameworks of PHP.

Specifically ASP.NET does not have such powerful frame works as PHP, however, there are libraries and other frame works like:

Winner: PHP

Now, its time to conclude!

Both the frameworks are enough proficient to develop an outstanding website or an web app using them. However, the above discussion clearly specifies that PHP could be more preferred than ASP.NET for web development.

The statistics below shouts out loud:

82.6% of websites runs on PHP (source).

15.1% of websites runs on ASP.NET (source).