Five Benefits Of Hiring A Remote Developer’s Team.

There has always been a cold war between the options of hiring an in-house development team and hiring a remote team of developers. Managers considered it to be less effective in terms of communication for a remote team, but the era has changed!

The list of companies hiring remote development teams is now growing day after day, the reasons for such a change are here!

Benefits of hiring a remote developer’s team.

#1. Save Money

While you hire an in-house full-time developer’s team at your own office, you need a good infrastructure. Setting up IT infrastructure for your developer’s team may cost you a couple of thousands of bucks. While dealing with the remote team, you save a whopping cost of your IT infrastructure, workplace, etc.

Moreover, remote employees do not demand any extraneous facilities like meals, refreshments, electricity bill, the Internet, commutation, etc. Ultimately, hiring a remote developer’s team will help you save on all these stuff.

#2. Broader area to cover

While hiring for your office, you need to restrict yourself to a limited pool of talent that belong to your geographical area. Whereas there are hundred thousands of developers who are extremely talented and suits your requirements. Maybe you are established in the state of Illinois, you can get an extremely talented remote team of developers from India!

You need not have to provide them working space, infrastructure, commute facilities, etc. and yet you can get a team as per your requirements.

#3. Higher Efficiency

Not all developers work best in 9 to 5! According to Forbes, 91% of the developers feel that they are more productive working remotely, independently and at their convenient time. Whereas there are only 9% of developers that believe that they can be more productive working in an office environment.

Remote work allows the late night owls and early risers to work at the time when they feel they are most productive. This will ultimately help you increase the productivity of the team thus that of the comapnys’.

#4. Stronger Connectivity

This point may seem to be counter-intuitive at the first thought but it is not! In a separate study, it was concluded that 87 percent of remote workers feel that they are more connected to their co-workers and to the managers.

While connecting the mates with video conferences and may be on company’s retreat, people feel more connected to each other.

#5. Anticipations shows, this is the future

A few years back, working from home did not seem to be a great option from the manager’s point of view, but now the tables will turn around. The studies show that 23 percent employees reported doing some or the other work from home in 2015. Whereas, the number was 19 percent back in 2003.

These numbers are expected to rise soon with the parabolic curve. These five concrete reasons show how beneficial it is to hire a remote developer’s team. A lot of businesses have already implemented this and a multiple of them are to implement remote work culture in the next couple of years.