6 Ways To Engage Your Customers On Your Website.

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. Thus, it becomes mandatory to engage your customers on your website. The more the customer interacts on your website, more they will love to have business with you.

While interacting with your customers on your website, there are a lot of things to be catered for an awesome user experience. While trying to connect with your customers, they should not feel overburdened instead of enjoying the engagement.

To do this is a better way here are the most suitable 5 ways to engage with your customers on your website:

How to engage your customers on your website?

1. Build Emotional and Trust Worthy Connections:

A research by Forrester shows how important is it to get emotionally connected to your customers. Once you are connected with your clients in a way that has trust on you, you have already crossed the half bridge..!

The trust factor is one of the very crucial aspects of getting more business and acquiring new customers. To engage your customers on your website, the first and foremost thing is to let them know about you. To do this you can follow these ways:

  1. Introduce your company
  2. Introduce your team members
  3. A short bio of everyone will help
  4. Have a chat box, where visitors can directly talk to a human and not a machine
  5. Use original images wherever possible

2. Pop Ups

Putting a pop up at the correct place and most important at the correct time will help you engage your users with your website more. Always put up the popup to ask them for their email ID for subscription or for feedback.

A lot of people make a mistake to pop up the subscription screen as soon as the page load is completed. Most of the people will never be interested in sharing their email IDs without reading anything on your website. So, give them time to read and explore your website and then ask them for their email IDs or other details.

3. Social Sharing Is Everything

Placing social media sharing buttons on your website at appropriate places will help you get a word of mouth publicity. This is the ultimate goal of any business to get mouth to mouth publicity to gain new customers.

Along with asking your visitors to share, you may also ask them to like your page and profiles on social media. This will help you get a loyal fan of yours!

One of the latest trends in integrating social media with your website is to show the pics of your customers who have brought products from your site. This is extremely simple using Instagram. When an insta user posts a photo with a particular hash tag, you can easily display that photo on your website. This will not only engage your customers but will motivate others as well to buy your products seeing other people buying it and sharing it on social media.

This can be done by embedding the Instagram photos on your website and a ready made JS plugin is also available which can do this for you.

4. Surveys Helps A Lot

One of the trending ways to engage your customer on your website is to put a ‘Very Small’ survey on your website. The survey should always be related to your website or the services you offer. Everyone likes to give a feedback and share their thoughts on almost everything.

If you manage to get their contact details like email ID or their cell number in your survey, it may also help you generate some quality leads for your business.

5. Website Personalization 

What if you return to a website and on the landing page itself you see the products that you love! You will be glad, right? This modern concept of website personalization is trending very well especially on the e-commerce websites. There are lot many website personalization tools available on the Internet which will help you customize your website for every individual user of yours.

This will make your customers happy and again this will help you increase your conversion rates as you are showing exactly what your customers need!

6. Celebrate With Your Customers

Treat your customers as your team members. We all love to be a team member in a growing community and who would not love to get recognized in a success story. No matter what milestone are you achieving, what you need to do is to put up the celebration messages on your website.

Experts suggest that using the words like ‘Me, you and everyone at Regur Technology Solutions have worked together to accomplish so and so milestone’ has a more positive impact rather than saying ‘We have achieved so and so milestone, thanks for your support’.

In the first statement you consider your readers as an integral part of your team and in the later one you say that YOU have done it!

This way you can engage your customers on your website very effectively. Engagement does not only bring in new leads for you but also creates a positive impression on your customer’s mind. This will help you retain your customer for a longer time and they will love to return to your website.!