Creating Incredible Life experiences at “WORK”

Encouragement is required sometimes to change our perception. It is always heard that work places are having a different environment, maybe the words coming to my mind are professional, hard Work, rules, follow ups, achievements etc. I personally believe, where a person is spending ¾ of his total time of the day is his/her work place, then how can work place be only of the above mention words. It should be happening, creating, energizing, charging etc. But have we noticed anytime, its actually the opposite. Normally when we describe about our workplace there are always lines on our forehead. We really find difficult to share our life at our work. It’s always said, “Work what you love OR love what you work”. But does it happen all time. It’s a puzzle.

How can we make our life incredible at “work”?

1) You need to participate:

Participation in everything is much required. As such if we see on our work there are many things going around us. And our participation in those is up to the mark or its just minimal or nil. Life spent as a passenger, rather than someone contributing to make the world function, is a life wasted. Many people really don’t want to participate, they feel it is always good to be in audience, or may be standing at a distance. But if someone don’t participate in the office culture then what experience he/she will be getting. Some are extremely talented but without involvement they miss out incredible things.

2) Autonomy:

Being understanding the business as our own gives an ownership towards the work. Not only the work but it also gives ownership towards the results. The ownership comes for the achievements and for the loses as well. When you are the captain of your own ship, your involvement and investment is at the utmost level. The same is true at our job. When we think ourselves our boss then the angle of looking things changes. Science has discovered that making our own decisions make us more invigorate, while having our decision controlled by others can drain our energy.

If we think the work which I am doing is of my ownership then, if I achieve, it would be my celebration and if I lose out then it’s my devastation. With the autonomy attitude, one can surely make one’s life incredible at work.

3) Stop being ashamed of your work:

Everyone starts as dumb only but slowly and steadily everyone learns and becomes perfect. It is necessary to believe in ourselves and understand regarding whatever we are learning and implementing. That’s how big people like leaders, scientist, doctors etc. do, and after that when we look back we do not feel ashamed. Celebrate your connection to it, because it proves your progress, and it shows how hard you work to get here.

4) Organize your group & work:

What makes you passionate about? And surrounding with those people having similar kind of passion that you have will boost your passion more about the work. Only the passion about the similar type of work will bring the set of passionate people together and make things happen. It will leave tremendous marks and if not at least a great learning for sure. Sometimes getting away from the daily routine would also help you to develop new ideas for work. It’s our tendency not to focus on the big picture when we are really busy. This prevents us from creating perks or planning fun events that make the workplace happier. Anything you can think of to make people feel that you are doing something nice for them will make people feel happier.

5) Set an outrageous goal:

Sometimes a goal set by us and achieving that goal make us feel proud and motivates tremendously to do the further work more faster and efficiently then the first one. It is always better to compete with our own because we can set and break our own records. Setting an outrageous goal target is more effective than goal setting.

6) Be community minded:

Encouraging people to make say “Hi” will be of great affect. Its creates a positive atmosphere at the work place. Just a small word making a huge difference to motivate your colleague’s day better. It should indeed a policy in any company where the managers would take special time to say Hi to their team members. Acknowledging people can change the entire atmosphere and make your workplace be a much nicer place.

As truly said “work is worship, workplace is indeed a holy place”. Just one different approach and things can get favorable to us. Hence there are many other ways, which can help us to create great experiences at work place, which we will share in the next version..