How Does Automation Helps A Business Grow

Are you managing your or your company’s business or are planning to have one of yours? If yes, you will agree that every business owner or manager have hundreds of items in their to do list. These lists sometimes get out of our control and it happens that we may keep skipping them. Let’s find out on how can automation help us with that to do list and how can we grow a business with the automation.

Automation in very simple terms means things are done automatically. We face these automations in our day to day life, but we are not so cautious about that. Let’s take an example, while you make an online purchase, you get an SMS and an email from the store your purchased and your bank with which you paid. This is a part of a huge automattic system!

Imagine, what if there had to be a person sitting on the computer emailing and forwarding you messages on every purchase you make. This will take time, there are chances of mistakes and again more the human resource, costlier will be the process. Let’s see where can this automation be done.

How And Where To Automate Things?

The best of the automations for a business can be done in the repetitive tasks. For example, there is a business which needs to promote their discount offers time and again. Manually they can send an email or an SMS to their customers. This takes time and a human resource is occupied there. Whereas automating this task, you can create a portal from where you can configure all email addresses and phone numbers. What you need to do is create a beautiful message for your discount offer and hit the button, this will send emails and SMS to all your customers.

Taking example of a business having a website, they keep getting inquiries time and again. There can be some inquiries related to the sales, some for technical support, some for complaints and some may be just very annoying. Now, these businesses can automate the allocation of these tickets based on the subject or the content in the ticket. There are ways to code smartly and automate a few responses as well!

The most popular automation stuff is going on in the marketing field. The major task of the marketing team in any organization is to keep hot leads in pipeline. With the growth in social media, it is now one of the most used channel for marketing. Another major channel is email marketing which can bring you hot leads and helps you get high conversion rates.

This is one of the finest areas where in every business can utilize automation and reduce the human efforts to get the tasks done quickly and with accuracy. Imagine an ecommerce site, where a customer puts in a few items in the cart and suddenly leaves the site without making a purchase. Now, this is a loss to the business, automation can help you regain this customer, let’s see how.

Once, the customer leaves the website, you can send him an email as quickly as possible to remind him his items in the cart. This is known as cart abandonment and sending them a quick email in an hour may help you regain the customer. A research says this emails could be sent thrice a day (on the same day) and this can show you affirmative results.

These is all that helps a business grow rapidly. Automation imparts a cost one time on you and can save lot many human resources. Thus, it is a benefit!

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