In a time of constant advertising stimulation where your customers are assaulted on all sides by a barrage of marketing tactics, sometimes it’s easy to forget a crucial, tried-and-true method of advertising that relies on an important asset: your own website .  While offline advertising and marketing is important (taking advantage of mailers, brochures, catalogs, […]

A vast majority of the internet today is run on various content management systems (abbreviated as CMS). WordPress is by far the most popular, with over 59% of market share in the open source CMS market, followed distantly by Joomla (7%) and Drupal (5%). Websites are using open source content management systems because of many […]

In today’s world, your website design is your shopfront. Just like a grocery store or bookstore has an external face that needs to be advertised and presented to the public, your website is the means through which customers find your company and choose to do business with you. And just like in a traditional shop, […]

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